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An absolute phenomenon on the photo booth market. This unique camera robot is a super attraction and an enjoyable experience for all. There is nothing comparable anywhere on the globe! It has all the features of a modern photo booth. But that’s just where the fun begins…

Corporate events and parties Conferences Festivals Concerts Roadshows Weddings Balls Private parties Birthday celebrations Family events

Roboshot was designed to be a one-man entertainer, a memorable highlight of any event. He can be absolutely crazy, or very serious. The entire photo corner can be designed according to your style and needs.

The photo corner featuring Roboshot offers: arrow down

Unique props

All props are handmade in our workshop. And each item is an original.

Backdrop of your choice

We offer a wide spectrum of backdrops, ranging from bright colours to pure white. (see Backdrops section)

Shower of confetti

Roboshot will fire off shower of confetti upon request (see Roboshot section).

And something more…

With his intriguing concept in Steampunk style, Roboshot will be the centrepiece of any event. Watch our video and see how he draws the crowds.

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